Where science, nature and passion combine to produce exceptional berries.

PHC nursery is the largest plug plant nursery in the Southern Hemisphere, supplying strawberry plants to growers across Southern Africa.  PHC also supplies our in-house berry producer Garden of Eden Berries who export majority of their produce to the Middle East. 

Success Lies In The Variety 

We cultivate a combination of Infra-short day, short day, long day and day neutral varieties, assisting growers to extend their harvest period as well as enabling new growers to enter the industry

Variety selection is dependant on climate, weather, day length, hight above sea level and desired berry attributes.

Perfect Plants

PHC nursery has an altitude of 270m, resulting in an ideal frost and hail free climate perfect for growing strawberry plug plants.Commercial strawberry growers strive to have the best plants in the world, giving them the edge a far as quality and yield is concerned. PHC has a reputation for supplying only the best plants along with technical expertise and practical growing guidelines to ensure growing success. 


Plants are free of root disease.

Plants suffer no transplant shock.

More affordable than bare rooted plants

No risk of “J” rooting

High success rate with minimal plant loss

2-3 weeks fruit of production ahead of bare rooted plants



For marketing and exports 




For plant sales